WRMSDC Premiere Corporate Members

Our Sponsors ensure that WRMSDC can provide the services our Corporate Members and certified minority businesses want and need.





WRMSDC’s Board of Directors

Our Directors spend countless hours shaping the Council’s goals, acting as the ignition and fuel to future developments.

Meet our 2018 Board of Directors

Officiating Corporate Directors

  • Tanya Nixon
    Board Chair
    Kaiser Permanente
  • Lisa Castillo
    Board Vice Chair
  • Oscar Aliaga
    Board Secretary
    Codale Energy Services & Supply, LLC
  • Richard Chacon
    Immediate Past Board Chair
    Union Bank
  • Salvador Peinado, Jr.
    Board Treasurer
    CSAA Insurance Group
  • Jessica Rosman
    Certification Chair
    Caesars Entertainment

Corporate Directors

  • Melinda Garcia, Esq.
    Garcia & Gurney ALC
  • Joan Kerr
    Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Lynn Reddrick
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Lance Dorsey
    McKesson Corporation
  • Gerri Harris
    MGM Resorts Design & Development
  • Steven Wuerth
    Gilead Sciences

MBE Input Committee Members of the Board

  • Norberto Velez
    MBEIC Board Chair
    Customized Performance, Inc
  • Ranjani Mohana
    MBEIC Vice Chair
    R Mo Business Solutions
  • Renee Boyce
    Nevada Representative
    My Next Career Path Staffing, LLC.


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Cecil Plummer

Christine Liwai Garcia
Vice President of Program Development
& Minority Business Services

Michael McQuarry
Vice President of Operations
& Corporate Services

Rose Davis
Director of Corporate Services & MBE Development (Nevada)

Rosemary Wetzel
Director of Certification & Organizational Development

Chrissy Thibeaux
Certification Assistant

Chantel Miller
Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator