WRMSDC supports the growth and welfare of minority communities by championing the use of minority-owned businesses in Northern California, Nevada, and Hawai‘i. We currently serve over 860 minority businesses in a variety of industries.

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Our National organization defines a minority-owned business as:

  • 51% or more ethnic-minority owned, operated, & controlled
  • Owned by a U.S. citizen with at least ¼ bloodline reflecting an indigenous heritage from any of the following: African-American/Black; Hispanic/Latino-American; Native American; Asian-Pacific American; and Asian-Indian American
  • Physically located in the United States or its trust territories
  • A for-profit enterprise

Our certified minority businesses

Asian Pacific Islander-owned 31%
Asian Indian-owned 29%
Latino (and Afro-Brazilian)-owned 23%
African American-owned 16%
Native American-owned 1%
80% are based in Northern California
15% are based in Nevada
5% are based in Hawai‘i

As a community, every year our certified minority businesses

Create over



Generate over


in revenue

and contribute over


in taxes

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