Intrinsyx Technologies

Intrinsyx Technologies is a Systems Engineering and IT services contractor best known for its Cyber Security work. We have over a decade of experience performing Threat Management and deploying Incident Prevention controls for Federal government and Fortune 500 companies. Our customers include NASA, the US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Dell, HP, and the University of California.

We led the design and development of NASA’s Agency-wide Security Operations Center (SOC), with network monitoring and incident response capabilities protecting over 75,000 users, and led the Security Architecture gap analysis for the International Space Station’s Mission Control Center.

We are offering small and medium-sized businesses Cyber Security auditing and consulting, helping them implement cost effective best practices to ensure an enterprise security posture which minimizes risk while enabling a swift response to external and internal threats.

  • Risk Assessment & Auditing
  • Threat Management & Prevention
  • Incident Detection, Mitigation, & Response
  • Continuous Monitoring & Vulnerability Management